Tracking System

Tracking System

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Linking Mechanics with IT

The Tracking System is a C# application that communicates with an Automated Tape Laydown (ATL) Machine, collecting information through a Siemens Simatic S7 Automaton. The ATL Machine receives a production file, defined initially by a composite designer, and have to reproduce the virtual design on the laydown table. Finally, composite pre-impregnated tapes are laid down and each of them are extremely important in the final component produced.

The purpose of the Tracking System is to certify that the component is conform to the design. To realise this, each information of tape laydown is recorded in a SQL Database and a report is generated to notify any error. Information such as orientation, tape length and postions are recorded.

The interface of this application also helps the operator to follow the progression of the production and allows to directly control the machine. For example, to quickly reposition the machine when a tape needs to be replaced.

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