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Composite pre-impregnated material are composed of fiber and resin. Before the composite is moulded and cured to its final shape, the resin being degraded with the time spent at room temperature, it has to be stored in freezers to maximize its life. It is important to closely track the material's life, from the production until the delivery to the customer and provide information about the residual life of the material.

All the technical information about the product is also stored in a database. Different modules were developed to ensure a quick and reliable insertion of data during the production. Other modules were specifically designed for the processing part and manipulation of the products. Each step of the production is integrated in the software and it is also linked with the NTPT Tracking System forming a synergy and maximizing the value of collected information.

The database is stored in the cloud to be accessible from different locations. At the moment, NTPT Stock Manager is used at Southern Spars in New Zealand, at Multiplast in France and in Poland at the NTPT Polish Plant.

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