Luxury Carbon

Luxury Carbon

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About this project

Luxury is a world where creativity has no limit. This project was an opportunity to associate the high performances of carbon fiber with technologies available in the watch-making industry, to sublime the beauty of NTPT material by using it has the guardian of the time.

This was one of the most complete and most challenging projects I had to manage during my career at NTPT. The Research and Development was always pushing us beyond the limits of possible. This is probably why watch-making is such an Art.

The NTPT cases are made with carbon plies of 30 microns of thickness each. It is necessary to assemble hundreds of plies to reach the final thickness allowing the parts to be machined. Each of these plies were alternate of a certain angle, which confers this beautiful wooden effect after machining. Considering that carbon is one of the hardest material, the machining itself was a real challenge and required to sacrifice many tools before obtaining the desired quality.

Thanks to the smallest plies of the world and the techniques developed during this project, it was possible to build a composite block that could be machined. We could then obtain even small details while keeping up the high performances. This wouldn't have been possible with a classic woven composite.

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