Ready for the challenge ?

A simple website or a complex web application ?
There is always a solution.

Nowadays, many solutions exist to create powerful websites. You can chose to build the website yourself but, if you want a satisfying result, you need to learn some basics of web developements.
I fairly recommend this solution if you have a lot of time to invest, a low budget, and you are willing to learn new tools.

However, if you want to focus on your core activities and need an experienced freelancer to develop your website or web application, then we can talk about it:

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Check out some of the previous projects I have realized (see my work).
Your design, your ideas, our collaboration.


Website, Web App, Cloud Solutions and more

Starting a new business ?

You need a website to show the world who you are and what you do.
You probably already have an idea of the content and the design.

We will work together to define the exact structure and design of your website,
so that they fit your objectives and needs.

Presentation Website

Opening a restaurant ? Or a business for which you need a simple presentation page displaying your services, your contact information and opening hours ? This is typically a "starter-budget" website and is quickly realisable.

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Selling Products ?

You have a shop and want to increase your online visibility ?
Having an online shop can boost your incomes and attract customers to your shops.
The customers can easily find information about your products online. However, they might still come to your shop in order to test the products and discuss with you about their specific needs.
An online shop is a perfect marketing tool for your business.

Template Example Prestashop Demo

Tailored Cloud Solution

Do you need a complete solution to handle your bookings, inventories and/or accounting ?
We can develop together the dedicated solution to fit the needs of your business. Deploy it to the cloud so you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Below are two examples of the Client View and how your Administration View could be, to manage your customers or any data you need.

Client View Admin View

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Your website is getting old ?

New technologies, new design standards. While you are focused on your activities technologies are evolving fast.
It is important to keep your website modern in order to show the best image to your customers.

We can define together how to quickly give a new life to your website.

Need a Refresh

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, Three letters hidding a whole complex world. But I'm here to take care of this for you.

From the choice of your domain name, to the content of each page, passing by the naming of your pictures, every single thing is important to ensure the highest ranking of your website in search engines.

Read more about SEO from here or download their PDF

Your online space and your own name

You already have a domain name and a server to host your website ?
I would be happy to use it and set it up in the best and most secure way for you.

Else if you need a new domain name and a hosting, I will offer you the most adapted solution according to your needs.


For Swiss based companies, I have selected the hosting solutions provided by Infomaniak.
Reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. They provide easy secure SSL Certificate for your websites and many other options.

For International companies, the solution will be selected accordingly, to ensure the most reliable services and the best experience for your users.

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